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My Business
The Components

Minding Your Own Business

My Business Discovery

My Inventory Portfolio
Learn & present your business
Dashboard - MIPD
Service Deep Dive
How did I perform in each sector?
Dashboard - SLDD
Forecast Accuracy Deep Dive
Explore your forecasting performance
Dashboard - FADD
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Situational Challenges

I Missed Service!
Steps to Dive In, Find & Fix
Dashboard - IMSD
Inventory is Too High
Too Much & I'm Hearing About It!
Dashboard -ITHD
Receiving is Angry!
They say they can't handle the load
Dashboard - RIAD
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Merchandising Opportunities

My Item Mix
The Big Picture active item mix
Dashboard - MIMD
Net Profit Picture
Net Profit after Inv expenses
Dashboard - NPPD
Deal Buying
An Inner Margin Buying overview & guide
Dashboard - DBGD
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The Components

1. Demand Forecasting

Dem Forecast Overview
Item Movement Overview Dashboard - IMOD
Slow Mover Analysis
Slow moving items
Dashboard - SMAD
Seasonality Overview
Actively Profiled & Potentially Seasonal
Dashboard - SPOD
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2. Lead Time Forecasting

Lead Time Forecasting
Lead Time Forecast Picture
Dashboard - LTFD
Lead Time Variation Views
Lead Time Variation Warnings
Dashboard - LTVD
Lead Time Quoted vs LTF
Comparison of your LTF and LT Quoted
Dashboard - LTQD
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3. Order Cycle Mgmt

Order Cycle Big Picture
The Revenue / Cost picture of each supplier
Dashboard - OCBP
Item OC Economics
Going deeper, item level economics
Dashboard - IOCE
Their purpose & practice
Dashboard - SVPD
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4. Service Level Mgmt

Service Level Big Picture
Service Levels
Dashboard - SLBP
Service Level Matrix
30,000 ft settings and outliers
Dashboard - SLMD
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Settings & Stock Status

Header & Line Cost
Setting options for your system
Dashboard - HLCD
Enhanced Setting Ideas
Ideas for your controls and interfaces
Dashboard - ESID
Stock Status Tutorial
Stock Status Guidance
Dashboard - SSTD
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Replenish!  (Daily Tools)

Critical Needs Reporting
Options for Daily Exceptions
Dashboard - CNRD
Depletion Chart
Depletion in Real Life
Dashboard - DGDB
Days Delay Summary
A Days Delay summary view
Dashboard - DDSV
In-Stock Dashboard
In Stock views to mimic Service Attained
Dashboard - ISDD
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Supplier Fill Rate
Supplier Fill Rate
Dashboard - SFRD
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Department Update
Department Update
Dashboard - DUPD
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Education - People & Numbers


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