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An Invitation to the Team @
Harvest Sherwood to Sample our Dashboards

We would love to Zoom with you anytime, but wanted to offer this easy access

Click and watch the Inventory Brothers @ Catalyst
share a few of our favorite Inventory Dashboards

We monitor these together

The 10 Key Values 

This is something we do together with each customer.  You will quickly have greater control over your Inventory Investment.  (Click play, then expand to full screen)

You will always be in the know

Daily Demand Highlights

Use this new approach to view and filter in a custom  way for each day and each Inventory Planner.  No more surprises  (Click Play, then expand to full screen)

Operations Spotlight

No longer blind to the stories

Visual Lead Time Forecasting

Finally see what is really happening and use Filters to expose the unique stories within the data.

(Click play, then expand to full screen)

On time & In full...

Supplier Performance

What is your Service % from your Suppliers?  Is it seasonal?  Is it trending?   Are they consistently poor on some item groups?  What is it costing you?

A reminder that you are Investors!

Inventory Income Statement

As a business owner within the business, what is your bottom line?  How about the Net Profit and Operating Cost of your Slow Movers?  How about New Items?

Time for a Deep Dive

Period-End Performance

Go beyond summary totals and results by supplier.  How is performance on those unique inventory sectors like Slow Movers, New Items, Seasonal Slow Movers, On-Promo, Imports, High Gross Margin Items and more 

No more living on Excel

Spreadsheets to Dashboards

Let us take your ERP data, spreadsheets and other data sources and make them come to life in pictures

Team Financials

Sales & Operations Planning

The wisdom of the crowd.   For decades we have learned that HVAC wholesale distributors want to know where they stand.  They are willing to share their strengths and anxious to learn from other leaders.

Yes, there are many more, but you get the idea

While you are here, visit our Good to Great Resources
used by numerous Inventory Teams

Good to Great Resources


Good to Great

10 Steps to World Class Inventory 

A roadmap from Good to Great.  Many Inventory Teams have followed this path.  Analyze each building block, be honest about your current grade and mover forward make each element stronger.  Results will follow

Good to Great

Making a Champion Leader

For 40 years the formula remains unchanged:   Strong Executive support and a talented, equipped and inspired Champion person or team.  Results will follow

Good to Great

Hiring & Developing the Team

The most important decision you will make will be your next hire.  Hire for talent and passion over experience. Look for the attributes found in this guide.  Results will follow

Good to Great

Salary & Career Guide

Inventory Planning / Buying is a great profession!  Now make it a career destination and be ready to guide your professionals on their personal journeys.  This guide will help ensure that your pros stay for the long haul.  Results will follow

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