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A Layered Look at Your Service Level Goals

Now you are thinking like an investor!

Yes, our Service Goal is our steering wheel for the inventory.  Yes, it is our image.  We need to be competitive within our industry, but you have room to insert a smart strategy also!

Keep it simple for starters & look for these 2 big opportunities


  • If you are making a ton of profit on an item, don't be out of stock.

  • If margins are razor thin, question your decisions of high service goals

We are so used to the A, B, C guideline for setting service goals that we forget the actual goals of revenue and profit.   You have B and C and even D items that don't jump out at you on the sales rankings, and they are not top of mind for marketing, sales and stores, but they deliver strong profit.  

This picture layers your inventory by Profit Margin and the filters and legends offer everything you need to find out one of your prize items is sitting in the wrong bucket.   Spend an  hour and you will boost profits enough to pay your monthly salary and beyond.  That's a great feeling for an Inventory Investor! 

Worried about the change to inventory?   Run a simulation first


Make no mistake, this is a great education opportunity for others in the organization.  Use our video or make your own.  Fearful that you are turning too many goals upward?  Run a simulation on them to measure the extra inventory.  Compare that to the lost profit at their old service goal.  Shoot us a note if you need assistance or the proper steps.  Mr, Friendly has boatloads of those tools for you.

Your victories do not occur during that first hour of daily replenishment.  You prove your worth during this sophisticated level of fine-tuning the key components.   You are a well equipped investor and you are ensuring great success for the future of your business.   Watch the video and then it's time for action.   

And now it's time for Action, because...

We Lead the Journey, but You Deliver the Results!

(Not yet live with our Portfolio Dashboards, we can fix that quickly.  Ask about a free trial)

Service Level by 
Net Margin
Jan, 2018
Service Level by Net Margin
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