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We are Back!   Together, Let's Deliver Unrivaled Inventory Results

We will respect you & guide you as a savvy Inventory Investor

Our journey begins!  Late Packer's coach Vince Lombardi began every training camp with the statement... "This is a football"

So for all of you whose careers have been labeled as inventory management, replenishment, planning, buying, re-buying, purchasing or we want to begin by saying that we see you as Inventory Investment Managers.  You are business owners with incredible influence over the success of your organization.

Selling generates revenue, but smart inventory investing generates profit!


​That was the first lesson I learned from Anders Herlitz, the founder of E3 Corporation, and it is still the foundational truth of our profession.

You are the investors of the organization with a larger checkbook than you ever imagined.   The Catalyst team will help you think, analyze and deliver success like a financial analyst.  

Our journey will be challenging, but very, very rewarding

We will ask you to think differently.  We will challenge you to prepare for success but putting your best work in the continual refinement of your inventory components so that daily replenishment is swift, quick and routine.  We will deliver dashboards and views and urge you to dig through and find your opportunities.   You will see them more clearly than ever, but these exercises must be done BEFORE and not during replenishment.

You will know your NUMBERS like never before 

The team at Catalyst uses Marcus Lemonis of the TV show The Profit as one of our guiding mentors, simply by watching his shows and videos.   His frequent quote:  "If you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business" holds true in our profession.  Catalyst will work to deliver amazing dashboards so that you know your numbers and can take action on your business.


How was your service attained last period?  You hit overall?  Great!   Now how did you do on Slow Items?  New Items?  Profiled Items vs Non?  Slow moving Profiled Items?  Long Lead Time?  Short LT?   High LT Variation?   Short Order Cycle lines with Low LTV?    Your issues are not simply  with suppliers or item groups, they are in these unique inventory sectors and we will help you see them in high definition.


Prepare for unrivaled results, and prepare to collaborate at a new level

As your success grows, we want you to stop playing defense and start playing more offense.  We will provide tools and education for other in the organization.  We will work with you to build bridges in the form of education and dashboards.

Each week we will deliver a guiding article, usually combined with a new dashboard and educational video.   We will teach, encourage, challenge, motivate, brag about your success and then always remind you that it is time to take action.   

This week your homework is easy.   Please provide us with any email addresses that you want to have access to our articles, tools, education and more.

And now it's time for Action, because...

We Lead the Journey, but You Deliver the Results!

(Not yet live with our Portfolio Dashboards, we can fix that quickly.  Ask about a free trial)

Service Level by 
Net Margin
Jan, 2018
Service Level by Net Margin
(For Live Portfolio Customers, Your Dashboard are available now)
Watch for resources & tools in future articles
Resources available for the entire Inventory community
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